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Want Equipment For Your Business? Lease it Through Truck Financing Inc

Leasing is probably the fastest way to acquire equipment for business nowadays and this is the reason why many companies favor leasing an equipment rather than just spending money to buy it. In some cases this is beneficial as the rates and schemes for leasing the equipment are quite flexible. Truck Financing Inc is proud to tell you that we have special plans for leasing. No matter which equipment you want to lease, if you need it, you will get it. Our company has the best rates and plans to help people expand or set up their business by leasing the best machines for their organisation.

Sale & Lease Back

There are many companies who prefer to avoid the long lines of banks in order to finance their working capital. We, at Truck Financing Inc, have a flexi-program where we make use of your equity in your current equipment to provide your company the required working capital. The lenders will purchase your equipment and soon lease it back to you again. When you funding term completes, the payments would have been made already and you will be the sole owner of the equipment.

Start-up Program

Often financing companies avoid start-ups fearing that they will go bankrupt, but we don’t have the same notion. We pay special attention to those companies who have just taken birth or have been in business for a short duration. We offer great plans and rates to help such companies grow quickly.

Damaged Credit

The wave of tough economic times hits many businesses badly due to which they suffer financially. Thus, there is a possibility that the owners of these companies have a damaged personal credit. To help such companies, we have developed special programs. So, even if financial institutions reject your truck loan application, our company will help you stride even when the times are tough.

Significant Tax Advantages

Since lease payments are more often line item expenses and since they can be treated as something pre-tax business expense, thus leasing might even help you reduce your taxes. Leasing minimizes the demand of cash flow, helps you save on tax, will guard you from the market and will also eliminate any kind of obsolescence.

Eliminate obsolescence & Costs

Technology changes at a rapid rate. The equipment that you are using currently may become advanced in coming years. Thus, maybe three years from now, your machinery will become obsolete. However, leasing prevents this from happening as it allows you to upgrade your equipment to a more advanced version. Moreover, it will save you costs and time.

Fixed payments

Unlike bank payments which may fluctuate with rates, leasing payments never vary no matter what happens to the market. This protects you from becoming a victim to skyrocketing interest rates. With economy dwindling every now and then, it is best to secure your payments through leasing.

A business is often surrounded by the dilemma of financing when it is time to add equipment and expand the fortune of the company. We, at Truck Financing Inc, provide the best rates and plans of leasing for its clients so that they can realize their dream.

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